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To All Those Who Have Been Wounded by Religion
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As those who seek to express Creator's love, we sincerely ask for your forgiveness for for all of the rejection, abuse, shame and pain that have been sent by misguided religious people. Sadly, these often sincere individuals are actually the first victims of the self-destruct cycle which has been set in motion by man's contrived religious constructs. Man's contrived religions are the "fig leaf" replacement for authentic connection to Source Creator, are a mixture of truth and lies and further separate us from Source Creator.

When we are not authentically connected to our Creator, we naturally experience shame, fear and rejection because that is the simple cause and effect of separation from Source Love Creator. Shame-filled people, project shame onto others. Many of us do this to others in other ways and few of us are conscious of our shame burden nor have we been truly conscious of when we project that shame onto others.

It is the nature of man's contrived religion to add to, subtract from and twist the Divine Scriptures. Then, the natural outcome of shame, fear and rejection cause us to lose trust in the Love nature of Creator and doubt the good intentions of that Love. This places a wedge of lies between us and our Creator; pushing us away further. Messiah's purpose was to demonstrate the true nature of Source Creator Love and build the bridge back to harmonious alignment and connection with Creator void of the lies of man's religious constructs.

Messiah did not come to establish a new religion. He was exemplifying the instructions to us.

He was representing Creator's love by encouraging the downtrodden, forgiving trespasses, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and, thus, demonstrating the truth in the most practical way; bringing clarity on what is real and true.

The only people Messiah ever condemned WERE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE who had added to, subtracted from and twisted the Torah, Prophets and other sacred writings thereby separating others from their Creator. Religion and the mistranslation of the scriptures have perverted the understanding of Who Creator truly is and the way to connect to and stay connected to Source Creator Love. And this is truly our greatest dilemma in regards to our ability to relate to our Creator.

For example, we have been told SO MUCH about the "wrath' and "vengeance" of our Creator Who is supposed to be our Loving Parent. Which one is it?

As it turns out, in the original Paleo Hebrew language of the scriptures, the word "wrath" refers to the breath of Creator given to us to live by. However, when that breath of Life and Love is rejected it produces death and fire...this is depicted in the duality of our universe all around us. We see this pattern in the physics of all energy and matter. And this simplicity of this cause and effect is actually in the definition of the pictogram word that has been erroneously translated as "wrath".

For millennia, we have been misled by erroneous, modern Biblical translations which have led to wars, hatred and self-destruction. The true patterns of existence and spiritual cause and effect have been obscured and we have inherited lies as to the true nature of Source Creator. The only time Yahshua (Jesus) displayed the cause and effect of "wrath" towards anyone, whipped them and broke their stuff was the with those religious people who were obscuring, blocking and perverting the true path to maintaining a connection with Creator. To NO ONE ELSE, was "wrath" displayed EVER.!!! Yahshua called those types of religious people “vipers”, “serpents” and said they were of their father the devil. So, we see that the pattern is that, like the devil itself, those who break the connection with Life and block others from having that connection with Life, cause and personally experience destruction. This is actually very simple, isn't it? So, perhaps this is why Messiah recommended that we become like little children "to enter into the realms of Creator."

If Messiah refers to humanity's GMO religions in this way, it would do us well to step back from the confusion of it all and to go deep inside to our conscience...our original connection to our Source Creator, where Messiah said Creator's realm lies... even all the way into our wounded and violated consciences, our broken and hurting hearts and allow Creator's unconditional Love to heal us and show us the truth for ourselves.

GlobalVillage.Rocks is a place of unconditional love, truth and hope.  We are here to facilitate and encourage all to develop their own experience with Creator through their original conscience-connection to the Creator that we all have and a personal experience with the original language of the scripture; Paleo Hebrew.  We are here to offer the simplicity of truth that has been hidden for 1700 years and to apply the liberty-salve of truth-love to the wounds caused by religion's lies.

It will be our honor and privilege to serve you in this way.

The GlobalVillage.Rocks Love Team

You are deeply and completely loved by your Creator Who desires nothing more than to gather you into an eternal love hug, heal the wounds of your past and give you a peace that passes all understanding.