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A Paleo Hebrew Interpretation of the Very First Word in the Scripture: Bereshith

Beit Resh Aleph Shin Yod Tauw

"My heart is to have a home and children.  I hold humanity close to Me in my heart as beloved sons and daughters.  I want my sons and daughters to allow Me deep into their beings and to know my heart for them.  I want them to receive my love, to follow my guidance and become the sons and daughters that I have created them to be.  I have given My own Essence in Human form, My Son, the Head of My house, to come and be consumed in love for all of humanity on the cross as the very act of My Own Hand reaching out for My lost and orphaned children; to bring them home.  The cross is the seal and sign of My love for you to show you that I will give everything I am to have you back in My family; the sign of the cross is the proof of My love." 

This is just one interpretation. Since a picture paints a thousand words, I encourage you to take time with the many Paleo Hebrew definitions of the letters of this one word and to meditate upon the meaning of it.  There is a free chart below.  Allow the Holy Spirit to expand it to you and in you.  You might even want to ask for insight and understanding.  This word was first written 4000 years before the birth of Messiah and yet tells the entire story of redemption perfectly.

 A Musical Journey to Love

In the Paleo Hebrew, which many linguists are now showing is the original language from which all other languages sprang forth, the sacred name of our Creator is read from right to left (as Hebrew is read): The letters of the name are Yod, Hey, Wauw, Hey.

Since we are dealing with pictures here, there is never just one translation of the letter or of the word.  This is why it is very beneficial to meditate on these pictures and allow YHWH’s Spirit to show us the infinite depths of meaning. However, for discussion’s sake, we will start the process with a basic translation.

As you can see, the Yod is the hand of YHWH reaching out to us, pointing the way to life.

The Hey is the picture of someone in surrender and, in this context, it is YHWH surrendering YHWH’s self to us, it also means “behold”.

The Wauw is the picture of a tent peg or a nail.  This is extremely profound because you will find when you get into the Paleo Hebrew that Creator is always inviting us to “pitch our tent” with Him/Her.  But, even further, the nail refers to the nail-scarred hands of Messiah as YHWH surrendered to the nails for us to be able to pitch our tent with YHWH again.  We will go into more detail about this later.

Then, the Hey again depicts our response of surrender to YHWH in beholding the love that was declared to us from the very beginning in this sacred name. The original confirmation of the work of Messiah, given 2000 years before he was even born, is built right into the revealed sacred name of our Creator.  How profound, eh?

This gets so deep you can spend a lifetime meditating upon it.  The very first word in the scripture “Bereshit” or “in the beginning” also has the entire plan of redemption spelled out in word pictures; such a banquet of the revelation has been hidden from us for 1800+ years!

Interestingly, in almost every Bible, the sacred name has been removed and replaced with the word “LORD” in all caps which is, in and of itself, a violation of the instructions given in the Bible.  This is very typical of a religious spirit to violate the instructions while claiming to keep them, to replace truth with a lie and to mix the holy and the profane.  Well, this is quite a conundrum because without going back to the original languages the truths of the scripture are hidden.  Further, there has been a fair amount of tampering and mistranslation which began most earnestly with Constantine in 300 A.D. and his Bishop Eusebias.  Constantine and his mother were both idol worshipers of Mithra or the sun god.  Motivated by hell itself, when Constantine realized they could not stamp out the true gospel, the forces driving him used him to infiltrate and just pollute it, add to it, subtract from it and twist it as he “Christianized” the known world with another gospel.   It was an army of evil that eradicated all the original manuscripts and, had it not been for the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other older manuscripts, we might still be in the dark about many translation errors.  Then, the Catholic church spent hundreds of years following suit and perverting the truth to make it fit their own doctrines and control agenda.  They took some of the very best books out of the Bible as well. [But, we must keep in mind that just because a book or writing is ancient, does not mean it is true or accurate.]

This is one massive reason why “Christians” are so misguided; they have inherited 1800+ years worth of lies.   And, even before then, after the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile, they began to exalt their man-made spoken law (often called the “oral" law) above the scriptures themselves; finally recording them in written form as the Talmud, Mishna and other writings.   While there are some valuable passages in these books, for the most part they are adding to, subtracting from and twisting the direct experience of the individual communing with their Creator through the Paleo Hebrew pictogram of the original scriptures and thus, we find a Babylon system whore religion all over again.

This is exactly what Messiah was addressing in his earthly ministry. He was trying to bring the people back to conscience, the sacred scriptures, a loving relationship with Creator from the heart and show them the error of the doctrines of men and of devils… so they had to crucify him; natch.

Therefore, to receive accurate understanding of scripture, we must study many different sources and many different translations and then, go back to our internal truth meter and measure what we read against what rings absolutely true in our whole being, in creation and, basically, in all of energy and matter; not what we want it to be, but what it really is.   What is such a shame is that the original Hebrew manuscripts of the Renewed Testament/Marriage Contract are all lost save the book of Matthew which was just recently discovered and the translations are hard to come by. 

Why is this a shame?  Because with the original Hebrew (remember the Bible was written by Jews) we can always go back to the Paleo Hebrew and find the truest meaning. We will address the issues of the Original Marriage Contract (aka the Old Testament) and what people find distasteful and barbaric about it later on.

First, let’s look at the whole reason this movie and agreement of time is being acted out:The Cosmic Love Story! In the beginning was an infinite Creator who wanted to have children.  The challenge was this: do I make robots that HAVE TO love me or do I create a situation where these children can freely choose to love me for Who I am or not?  Do you want friends who HAVE TO like you or friends who CHOOSE to like you?  The only way to make free will truly free is if every other option is fully expressed. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much of a choice, would it?

Now, without going into the details of everything at this juncture, let’s suffice it to say that when an occasion to choose to separate from YHWH was given, we did not follow the patterns and instructions given to maintain that connection and we took what we thought would make us wise like gods when really, it just separated us from our Creator.  We all do this every day; so it is nothing new.  Yet, this dynamic really needed to happen.

And, so now we find ourselves like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; she really didn’t appreciate her home and her family until she was far, far away.   Dorothy proved her love for her home and family by wanting to go back and by being willing to go through whatever she had to in order to get back there.And, so here we are: entropy was introduced into our universe, separation from Creator occurred and now, it is up to us to find our way back if we really care and really believe in this Cosmic Love story.   And, like Dorothy, strangely, we have the capacity to go back AT ANY TIME.  Granted, there is more to it than just clicking your heels together three times and saying, “There’s no place like home,” but you get the gist.

Yes, modern Christians tell you all you have to do is say a magical prayer and you will be “saved’.   And, while some people do have an experience and reconnection with YHWH during this little prayer, we don’t find this method in the scripture anywhere.   It is not a country club, for crying out loud; it is a real relationship and is likened to a marriage relationship.  Ever heard of a loveless marriage?

True interpretation of the scripture shows us that being reconciled to our Creator is much deeper than what we have been told by modern Christianity.  Just like reconciliation between a husband and wife that have been estranged from each other; reconciliation with our Creator is a direct and personal encounter with the Source of all Life and Love that goes to the depths of our heart, of our soul, our mind and spirit.  Therefore, this is a deeply personal journey where we learn how to communicate with and trust our Beloved.  Returning to the arms of our loving Creator is a process as we learn to respond in love to our Creator Who first loved us and gave everything to have us back again.  This journey begins when we choose to believe in love no matter how twisted around man’s religion has our brain.  This is available to anyone who is sincere and earnest at any time.  

As we saw above in the sacred name, Creator's Essence is to point the way back home and Creator's hand of love is reaching out to us constantly…it is the very nature of our Creator to want His/Her children back in the family.   And so, Creator surrendered Himself/Herself to pay the price ever paid for anything in order to adopt us back into the family as a display of pure and total love.  By beholding and receiving this sacrifice on the deepest possible level; we can come back home to our Source and enjoy the benefits of living in harmony with life instead of against it. 

Our Source-Creator-Father-Mother knows that we will fall short, is willing to forgive and is able to help us to stop sabotaging and destroying ourselves; THIS is the true gospel.

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