You already know

We have discovered the lies religion has told us about who we are and Who our Creator is.  We aim to set the record straight and offer the simplicity of the profound truths that are encoded into all of energy and matter.

The first core truth is that we are all already connected to our Source Creator through our conscience which is like an internal truth meter we are all given to decipher the noise around us and make the choices that lead to life.  Just ask any toddler.


In the vastness of infinity, the overriding theme is one of simplicity.  Think Occam's Razor.  Man's religions try to complicate this simplicity and foist all kinds of imposed systems that are completely disconnected from Source but which are dressed up to look "holy".

Interestingly, in the original language, the word "holy" actually is better translated as "dedicated".  When we value something, we dedicate ourselves to display, cherish and protect that true value.  This is food for thought for sure.

Tzadis...the path

The way we found our way back to truth was by noticing that there was something seriously wrong with modern religion. Through much earnest searching and prayer, by the hand of Providence, we were guided back to the original language of the sacred text of the Bible which is the Paleo Hebrew pictogram. 

No one can insert doctrine into a picture that we behold, consider and process through our own conscience under the guidance of Creator's Ruasch (Spirit). This is exactly why the Creator initiated that language form to communicate truth to us. This language form preserves the sacred exchange process between Father/Mother and child.

We experience Truth through learning about the pictogram, reconnecting with our Creator Source and employing reflection and meditation; a very personal and powerful experience; the antithesis of man's religion.  The "Tzadis" is the Paleo Hebrew pictogram meaning in short: the path or the hunt.

Questions About Creation Science?