the first step

The pain of genocide can be erased through the power and love of the Son of YHWH Wankan Tanka; Yahshua.


radical love

When you reconnect with your Source Creator and follow the patterns of life...harmony ensues and your destiny awakens.

The lies of man's religion are finished and the Truth is being restored; we can build the sacred lodge that was fallen!

First Nations Awakening

Science and archeology have proven that we all originated from one part of the world.  This means that at one time we all knew the same thing.

Recent archeological discoveries have shown that active trade was going on globally on every continent thousands of years before first supposed.  Additionally, there have been Native American artifacts discovered here in the USA with Paleo Hebrew inscriptions on them.  Some of the tribes have greatly retained the original knowledge; others did not. The point is that, like the telephone game, the passing down of information to subsequent generations has allowed for many years of twists, turns, additions and subtractions to truth in every culture. We lost our core connection to Creator Source YHWH and the paths of life Creator gave us.  The First Nations are re-discovering these core truths now and returning to the Creator their ancestors once knew.

The Awakening


“Those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High YHWH”—how high up that “secret place” must be; how deep the silence up there; how pure the air!  How far above the poisonous mists that cling to the low-lying swamps; how far out of the reach of the arrows or shots of the foeman, is the one who dwells with YHWH by communion, by constancy of desire, by aspiration, and by clear recognition of the Divine goal of all his work!  “Those who dwell” thus, “in the secret place of the Most High YHWH, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”—and since YHWH is Almighty; the long shadow that our great Rock casts will shelter those who keep beneath its shade from the burning rays of the fiery sunshine, in every “ weary land.”  Let me keep myself in touch with YHWH by His Ruasch Ha Qodesh (Holy Spirit).

We are given great assurances which answer to this solitary voice of devoted love and trust.  Now, is it true, as the psalmist goes on to portray under a double figure of battle and pestilence, that the one who thus trusts in YHWH is saved from widespread calamities which may be devastating the lives of a community.   I have personally experienced miraculous interventions that have saved my life from certain end.  Yet, also, if we look on the surface of this statement; it does not seem wholly true in the sense that the rain falls on those who trust in YHWH and those who don't.  Those who “dwell in the secret place of the Most High YHWH” may die in physical calamity like the men beside them that have no such abode.  But, for all that, the Psalmist's statement is still true!

For suppose two men, one who cleaves to Great Ruasch of YHWH, another not, both dying from the same calamity. Yet the difference between the two is such that we may confidently say of the one, “He that believes shall never die,” and of the other that he has died not just once, but dies the second death also.  Those trusting in and cleaving to YHWH, who “dwell in the secret place of the Most High” are immune from the second death, the greatest of all calamities, after a fashion far nobler and better than the psalmist could have dreamed at the time of the writing of this Psalm.  When we read, “there shall no evil befall thee,” and think of our own harassed, tempest-tossed, often sorrowful lives, and broken, solitary hearts, we must learn that the evil that educates is not evil, and that any chastening allowed by the Father’s hand is for our highest good and longest lasting benefit; nothing that brings a man nearer to YHWH can be a true disaster.  The poison is wiped off the arrow, though the arrow may painfully wound; the evil in the evil is all dissipated.

A deeper voice still coming in, and confirming the enlarging all these promises. YHWH speaks, promising deliverance consequent upon fixed love. “Because he hath set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him.”  As the word in the original suggests, when a poor man presses himself close up against the Divine breast, as a dog might against his master’s limbs, or one that loves might clasp close to himself the beloved, then YHWH responds to the desire for close contact, and in union He brings deliverance.  Further, He promises elevation consequent on acquaintance with Divine character.  “I will set him on high”—high above all the weltering flood of evil that washes vainly round the base of the cliff—“because he hath known My name YHWH.”

Loving and constant acquaintance with the revealed character of YHWH lifts an individual above earth and all its ills.  Further, there is the promise of Divine companionship consequent on sorrows.  “I will be with him in trouble.”  Some of us know what that means; how we often do not perceive YHWH's Presence until earth is dark and a devastating flood comes sweeping over the fair gardens of our lives.  Those who set their love and trust on the Great Ruasch find that the flood of devastation has also brought fresh nourishment and fertility to the land of our lives as nothing before. 

“With long life will I satisfy him,” through the ages of eternity, and “show him My redemption, restoration, healing, blessing and protection”... in the glories of an immortal connection to the Source of all life and love.      (Adapted from A. Maclaren, D.D.)

Psalm 91: A Love Story Song